Discover by numbers

All effective online strategies begin with a consideration of the market, we provide a 5 step programme to analyse and determine an appropriate marketing strategy for you that can be measured, evaluated and adjusted over time.



We work with you to understand your customers and the journey they go through as they engage with your brand to purchase your goods and services. With this understanding we then create marketing strategy that maximises your return on advertising budget.

Search Engine Advertising

Advertising on search engines allows you to directly target your advertising at the people most likely to buy from you. Search engine advertising is an inexpensive way to get noticed – and the results can be phenomenal. 

We design an advertising campaign with you, targeting specific markets and fitting within given budget constraints, ensuring that you have control of your campaign. We also use analytics to gain insights into your market, allowing for future informed adaptations.

Search Engine Optimisation

People rarely visit the second page of a Google search, and so we work with you to raise the profile of your site against your competitors, using SEO techniques that, over time, bring more visitors to your site.

Email Marketing

Staying in touch with your customers is the best way to make sure they don’t forget about you. VO2 can help you prepare and manage email marketing campaigns, and ensure tight integration with your website.

Technologies used

Google Adwords / Google Analytics / Microsoft Power BI

We work with companies from across all industries