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Whilst other providers host sites in generic hosting centres in Australia or South East Asia, all our NZ sites are hosted on high performance servers within NZ, providing quicker response to your users, making your sites, and your business look good. Our severs only host Vo2 clients, we do not use mass retail hosting, providing greater site speed and stability. We control the number of sites per server, ensuring that our servers don't become overloaded, which will degrade site speed.



Our servers are monitored 24 x 7 x 365 and housed in dedicated datacentres.

Making use of virtual server technology, we host in the cloud to ensure increased availability and disaster redundancy.

Our servers are backed up daily so that in the event of a data loss we are able to restore your site Control.

Vo2 developers have direct access to hosted servers, providing us with swift control of your site and resolution of any problems.


Moving to Vo2 high performance hosting

Moving to Vo2 hosting is simple. We handle all the technical details, ensuring you are transitioned smoothly with minimum interruption, simply provide us with the domain name and contact details of your current hosting provider and we will take care of the rest. If you currently have email hosting with another provider, we can bring this over too, costing depends on the amount of email hosted, give us a call to discuss.

Technologies used

Apache / Linux

Case studies

We work with companies from across all industries


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