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In a modern world your data is typically located in more places than you are aware of - in public cloud, in private cloud, on your devices, on privately owned devices, and sometimes still on your premises.

It is critical to have backup and recovery options available to cover all systems that you have data in (including the big public cloud systems like Microsoft's Office 365 and Google Apps). In addition to this with the ever increasing threat of cyber security compromise you must have assurance that you can recover your data if you ever need to.

Data Resiliency

Secure All Your Data

  • It works - our data resiliency and recovery solutions are designed to be used in anger (hopefully you never have to use them this way, but piece of mind is nice). 
  • Secure - we typically encrypt not only your backups but also your backup links (because if we don't the bad guys will)!
  • Simple - we walk you through what can be a very complex process to reach simple solution outcomes for protecting your key data assets.
  • Monitored and actioned - we actively monitor your backups and make sure that they are running when they should be, are backing up what they should be and are retained as they should be.
  • Modern - we back up cloud services, making sure you critical data sitting in public cloud platforms is stored beyond the risk profile of a single vendor (yes, even Google is a single vendor).

Technologies used

HPE VM Explorer / Office 365 / Shadow Protect / Veeam


TB Vo2 client data backed up daily


% NZ businesses directly impacted by ransomware


Trillion GB of data used globally by 2020

We work with companies from across all industries

Conroy Removals

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Tumu Group


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