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If you are concerned about data sovereignty or just want your services based in NZ, we can provide co-location or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS via our Vo2 datacentres which are located around the central and lower North Island). If you want global reach and access to scalable cloud services, we can provide that too, via Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Cloud Services

Modern Cloud

  • Right fit - every business has unique requirements, and we ensure the selection of digital hosting technologies aligns to your requirements.
  • Enterprise made affordable - solutions are developed with enterprise thinking and design, matched to realistic investment. 
  • Accessible - your data and services are made accessible anytime anywhere, and kept safe. 
  • Personal - we need to know your business to know your needs. This personal engagement allows us to deliver the above promises.
  • Portable - you may have significant on-prem systems in place. We can uplift your licensing and system investment into wide ranging cloud solutions.

Technologies used

Azure / Hybrid Cloud / SDN / Unified Security / WAN


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