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Advanced Network Management ensures the performance, security and reliability of your IT systems by proactively monitoring network devices with automated tools 24/7. Behind this automation is a team of highly skilled engineers that provide support for complex network issues at various support levels. This service provides a network management service for your network devices that make up your WAN, LAN, internet services, and wireless network/s.

Automated network fault detection generates notifications to our Network Operations Centre (NOC) when abnormal conditions occur. The service also provides correct device configurations that enforce your IT security.

Advanced Networks

Connectivity piece of mind 

  • Round the clock monitoring and management - 24 x 7 support for identified critical devices.
  • Visibility - we provide you with an automated inventory and portal access showing you every device on your network.
  • Automated backup - our advanced system automatically backs up critical network devices (firewalls, routers, switches, wireless controllers).
  • Instant alerts - we are able to automatically detect network faults and generate notifications when set thresholds are exceeded.
  • Action! - knowing about an issue is one thing, remedying it is another. Our system can trigger a number of action channels (direct to you, managed by us or even direct to 3rd party provider), so the right people get working alerts.
  • Reporting - we provide you with monthly (and real-time) performance reports available via web access including usage and health statistics.

Technologies used

LAN / RSTP / SNMP / Service Desk / VLAN / VOIP & UC / WAN


Devices under monitoring


Different network vendors we support


Billion GBs IP data per month globally

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