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Disaster Recovery

Andy Holdsworth 16 Aug 2017 Disaster, Data,

Astute people have health cover in case their body breaks down, but what about your company’s IT? Do you have a plan for when disaster strikes?
The Question Everyone's Asking About Digital Strategy

Default Admin 09 Aug 2017 Planning, The Future,

Your initial technology investment has what?
Why Upgrading your IT Infrastructure isn't Pointless

Dean Raven 20 Jul 2017 Business, Efficiency, Process,

Is your aging IT infrastructure pulling you down?
9 Things You Need to Know About VoIP Before You Make the Leap

Michael Sprott 06 Jul 2017 Business, Efficiency,

Making phone calls without the phone companies
Will a robot replace your job?

Shawn Hill 28 Jun 2017

Jobs won’t disappear fully, but they will be redefined. Even jobs in farming and the primary sector won't escape change.
The Perfect IT Account Manager

Andy Holdsworth 25 May 2017 IT, Business, Customer service,

A solid, forward thinking IT provider and a dedicated account manager are the tools your business needs to survive.
Enemies or Allies?

Michael Sprott , Rohan Bowyer and Stu Jacob 17 May 2017 Agribusiness, Automation,

Do farming and technology truly mix?
What on earth is change management and why do I care?

Kate King 03 May 2017 Business, Process,

Here's how to do it right.
Energising your team

Dean Raven 26 Apr 2017 IT, Tips,

Raise your hand if you’ve heard the buzzword ‘energising your team’. This term's been floating around for years, but, what does it actually look like in the real world?
The Cloud: More than Water Vapour

Daniel Kenna 19 Apr 2017 Customers, Efficiency, Tips,

The Cloud saves you money, and decreases risk. So, why haven't you adopted it yet?